Open Bus from Hanoi to Laos


Hanoi has three tickets to Vientiane where:
Currently, there are some companies in Hanoi and Laos held this open bus tour, specifically Union fleet of 14 passenger cars, Trekking company car, company car Camel
1. Nguyen Gia Thieu 3A (near the Embassy of Laos)
2. 35B Nguyen Huy (Passenger Car Company 14)
3. Underground Water Bus
Car Schedule
Note: Ticket prices may actually vary in time and change as carmakers, please contact us directly at the ticket office for ticket price update.

Some necessary information

1. Go to Vienna from all 220.000VND HN (from HN19h – to Vienna next 16h)

2. Gate fee: 10,000 + 5.000K (T2-T6) / 15.000K (T7-CN)
K – a unit of money in Laos; 1K ~ 01.05 USD

3. At about 100,000 kip (~ 10USD). Personally I’m in KS Long Knives – Vietnamese Address boss said. Tel: 865-21-990-386

4. Eating less than U.S.: Say Houses Restaurant meals (Mrs.Thanh Mobil: 856-20-5663-943) of all U.S. 450.000K ng (~ 90.000VND/pax) that food + wine!

If you want to go straight to Vientian comes in Hanoi is more convenient, less expensive (about 300 thousand dong and have 2-3 companies providing this service, asking 1080 for more details.) If you want to go to Vinh Thakhec then ride the “bus” to Thakhec (I’ll specify if you need) all lost between 150,000 VND and 10 am if the weather is good and safe trip. At approximately 8-10-12 Vientian USD per room / night markets around the morning (Morning Market). In Thakhec are much cheaper, along the Mekong river has few hotels or guest houses.But do the Mekong Hotel Vietnam because of the high price (240-300000 per night).

Vientian like a small city of peace, many Vietnamese people, have some place to come visit, take a walk around on. Thakhec is like a poor town, take a half day walk. Thakhec should enlist to go there to visit the land Nakhon Phanom Thailand (just take that money and not lose transit fees if the money is being demanded customs outcry and tell them in Thai – in the case do not speak English – Vietnam that he was traveling.) There many more Vietnamese people, the price is cheap. Then the bus station to take a night flight to Bangkok. Playing in Bangkok a week to go Vientian bus takes another night, cost about 600,000 VND. If you go to Vientian Thakhec only from 8-10h only. Buses are convenient and cheaper than a half.

Short compared to Vietnam, in Laos, a little more expensive, a little more healthy people, living a bit lower than people, living a bit higher officials, a little different landscape and climate forHanoi a little better. But if it does not go all your life you will not know Laos brothers are living, how impressive in how it unforgettable. And then you’ll go “up the Mekong” by Sir Pham Khac results are amazing.

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